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    5 Simple Steps to a Customized Hat

    1. Select your Hat
    2. Customize your Hat
    3. Purchase your Hats
    4. Approve your Design
    5. Receive your Headwear in 2-3 weeks

    Contact us and we will do everything for you. Free Customization instructions below.

    Need Help Customizing Your Hat, Visor, or Beanie?

    We would love to help you select the right cap for your need as well as customize it for you. If you would like to use our FREE Cap Selection and Design Option please email the following information to capbuilders@sisqcustomcaps.com . We will customize your hat, visor, or beanie for you with a minimum of 3 styles and color options for you to choose from. You can choose which one you like and make as many changes as needed. Designs are returned to you within 24 hours. No purchase required.

    1. Reason for purchasing caps (Sports, Fundraiser, Work, Fun, Etc.)
    2. Type of Cap (Fitted, Adjustable, or Flex Fit)
    3. Visor (Curved or Flat Billed)
    4. Colors you prefer
    5. Front Design (Logo, Letter, wording, etc.)
    6. Back Design (Wording or Logo or Nothing)
    7. Side Design (Wording or Logo or Nothing)
    8. Piping?
    9. Mascot or logo Attachment if Needed (jpeg)